Gritty Fantasy With A Bit of Heat!

Law of Three ~ Kate Dark Series Book 1 The Devil Dark

Would You Become Hell's Ultimate Weapon To Save Your Best Friend?


Ex-warlock Kate Dark has sworn off ever using magick again. The last time she did, someone died, and a deal was made with the Devil for her soul. It’s a debt she never intends to pay. Vowing a life of celibacy from magick is the only way to stay hidden. But when her best friend is kidnapped by a man who should be dead, and four sexy warlocks try and convince Kate to reclaim her magick, she knows the time for hiding is over.

Now, Kate must choose whether to embrace her power, accept the past, and trade her soul to make good on a deal with the devil—her father—or let the life she’s built, and her best friend, burn.

Law of Three ~ Kate Dark Series Book 2 The Devil Damaged

Would you sacrifice truth for ultimate power?


The threat was simple: become her father’s right-hand witch, or her friend dies.

Kate Dark never wanted to become a Priestess, never wanted to be responsible for her own coven of warlocks. When her father, the Devil, threatened her best friend, Kate had no choice but to claim the four sexy-as-sin men destined to be hers.

But claiming them and leading them are two different things. They don’t want what Kate wants, and bringing them in line with her goals just might tear them apart.

Law of Three ~ Kate Dark Series Book 3 The Devil Destroyed

Would you sacrifice yourself for the love of another?

With her warlocks scattered, and the truth behind Kate’s motivations revealed, things have never looked grimmer. Without her men, she can’t take back her grimoire, can’t perform the ritual, and will never be able to save her best friend before time runs out.

Can Kate become who she was meant to be, save her best friend, and the world? Or will she lose the only person she’s ever loved and the warlocks she never thought she could?

The Devil Destroyed is the thrilling final book in a twisted #WhyChoose paranormal romance series guaranteed to leave you spellbound.