Gritty Fantasy With A Bit of Heat!

The Infinity Series

Conduit ~ Book 1

 When college senior Jane Lamb dies suddenly, she discovers that the  afterlife is less pearly gates and fluffy clouds and more standing in  line at the DMV. But before she can spend eternity lamenting over her  short, unremarkable life, she’s offered a do-over—as a Conduit, a  reincarnated messenger contracted to reap souls.

Determined to do  things right the second time, Jane takes the job and reincarnates as  eighteen-year-old college freshman Liv Hartley. Only, the excitement for  her new life doesn’t last. There are consequences to bearing the  coveted infinity symbol tattoo marking her as a Conduit, and Liv quickly  finds that getting a second chance doesn’t mean getting a better one.  Possessive demons, stolen assignments, and a love life that’s decidedly  complicated are all a far cry from the mundane existence Jane led. But  with more questions piling up than bodies, there’s only one thing Liv  knows for sure: life doesn’t get any easier after death.

Filled  with sparkling wit, conflicted romance, and more spirit than a haunted  mansion, Conduit is a fun-filled paranormal that explores the idea of  regret, love, and what we would give to live twice. 

Conduit book cover

Conduit book cover

The Infinity Series

Mana ~ Book 2


Sometimes our past . . . isn’t the only thing that haunts us.

Sometimes our heart . . . isn’t the only thing that guides us.

Sometimes our fate . . . isn’t the only thing that defines us.

There  isn’t anything eighteen-year-old Conduit Liv Hartley loves more than  death-defying stunts: dimensional porthole jumps off tall buildings,  stealing other Conduit’s assignments, and ignoring a demon’s summons.  Then an angel takes a teaching job at her school, and Liv knows she  won’t be able to stay away from him, just like she can’t stay away from  the ghosts of her past and the people she’s hurt. Okay, so mainly, she’d  like to stay away from Asher and his demon. It’s an impossible wish  since Asher keeps reminding her she has a job to do.

Liv’s  mission was clear: go to the Gala, pretend to have fun, distract an  ancient badass angel, and don’t get caught. But nothing involving the  Otherworld is ever as it seems. When the Gala ends in a heartbreaking  betrayal she really should have seen coming, Liv’s new mission is clear.  Become a Virtue.

That goal, at least, should be simple.  Turning over her soul should be easy. Giving an angel her heart should  spare her from any more pieces breaking off. But just like life, death  seems to have other plans. Plans that might just cost Liv everything.

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Author’s  Note: Mana is book two in the Infinity Series. Yes, there is a  cliffhanger. No, you don’t need to worry. Book three will be out soon!

Mana book cover

Mana book cover